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Fordson Major – Фордзон Майджор Трактора – запасные части (запчасти)

Fordson Tractors 1917 to 1950.

Apart from a fairly unsuccessful attempt at tractor design in 1907 it was to be in 1915 that Henry Ford would again turn his attention to tractor production.  Using the Ford Mass-Production principles a team were given the task of creating a tractor which would dominate the tractor market.
By 1917 a successful prototype had evolved, it was also apparent that due to the attrition of the Great War to both men and horses that Great Britain was in desperate need of such a machine.  Initial production of the Fordson F commenced in October 1917 with all output solely for the British Government. 

The Fordson Model F was without doubt the most influential and commercially important design in tractor history, it's impact still dominates conventional tractor design.  Three quarters of a million units of the Model F were sold from 1917 to 1928, more than any other tractor before or since.

Ford production methods allowed the tractor to be sold for as little as the equivalent of £75 in the USA.  Many makers who had enjoyed success because of the huge demand for tractors caused by World War One either had to adopt Ford methods, or as many did cease tractor production.  Only firms that were well managed, financially sound and capable of producing a competitive product with ruthless economy and price cutting would survive the Ford onslaught.

Fordson Tractors 1951 to 1964.

The New Fordson Major E1A was introduced at the 1951 Smithfield Show, while it was in every way a modern tractor there was a clear demand for a smaller tractor and in 1957 the Fordson Dexta was launched.

Both tractors were immensely popular, diesel versions were easy starting, powerful, economical and reliable, to such an extent that by the late 1950's demand for petrol - vaporising oil tractors was virtually extinct.

The first Fordson Major E1A models were available with 4 cylinder petrol and Vaporising Oil Engines with capacities of 3,260cc and 3,610cc.  These engines have bores of 95mm and 100mm respectively, both with a stroke of 115mm.  Petrol engine compression ratio is 5.5:1, Vaporising oil engine 4.62:1 (early type 4.35:1)

This range of tractors were the last to bear the Fordson Brand Name, they were also the last tractors to be produced at Dagenham, a new purpose factory was built at Basildon for the replacement World-wide 1000 series which replaced the Fordson Major and Dexta in 1964.

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